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Voice Coaching

Photo by Vincent Louis Carrella

Photo by Vincent Louis Carrella

Voice Coaching

With over two decades of performance and recording experience in rock, pop, folk, a cappella, and ensemble harmony singing, Kelly brings a unique and refreshing perspective to voice lessons. Whether you are getting ready for an upcoming performance, or singing for the very first time, Kelly will help you find your true voice. 

What would you like to work on?

  • Musicality
  • Warm up techniques
  • Ear training & intonation
  • Arrangement & songwriting guidance
  • Breath management
  • Body & voice integration
  • Healthy vocal habits
  • Rehearsal strategies
  • Harmony skills
  • Performance & stage presence skills
  • Preparation for recording
  • Song doctoring
  • Confidence building

Adults, children & groups welcome!


"I’ve always loved singing but had never taken a lesson in my life, and suddenly I was faced with the challenge of performing two songs at my friend’s wedding. To add to the pressure, my friend was marrying the son of a famous singer who would also be performing. I knew I couldn’t just wing this. I needed professional help! I was already familiar with Kelly’s amazing voice, having heard her silence a noisy assembly of schoolchildren by singing a spare and emotional folk song that brought me to tears. Luckily, Kelly agreed to help me. I always knew my singing voice was lacking something essential, but I never knew what it was. In just two or three lessons, Kelly taught me techniques that turned my weak singing voice into a strong and capable instrument. Kelly helped me build the confidence I needed to perform in front of a large audience, and now I am singing more because I enjoy it so much. Kelly’s lessons were illuminating, and I always left feeling good about myself. Most of all, Kelly is approachable and fun. Learning from her and hearing her sing is a true joy. I can’t wait to go back again!" April Hayley de González

"I came to Kelly with no previous voice training, actually quite embarrassed by the sound of my voice. She met me at my level and gave me the skills to recognize my range and focus on the quality and volume produced. Her gentle process of teaching was transformative and therapeutic but also very professional. I would recommend voice lessons with Kelly to anyone, regardless of their experience or intention." Sonya Sakaske  

"I have absolutely loved working with Kelly as a vocal coach. I started taking vocal lessons to understand what makes a good singer, gain a better sense of my own voice, and learn how to let lose and sing with feeling. Kelly's teaching approach is comfortable, encouraging, and thoughtful. For me, singing can be very vulnerable. But Kelly has had a way of allowing me to find my inner voice, sing like no one is watching and learn so much through the experience."  Emily Martin

"Kelly is a musician's musician and a teacher's teacher. Her references are broad and deep. She coaches use of breath and placement in simple terms but with great precision and always specifically in service to the song at hand. Her engaged curiosity and ability to find the right lesson for the moment created noticeable improvements in pitch and breath control right away. The technical lessons now underly my self-coaching language as I sing daily. Thanks, Kelly: this is really helping.Eli Kramer

"I absolutely love working with Kelly.  She coached my band on harmonies and vocal arrangements and really helped us reach a new level.  She put in so much thought and care to our pieces and it really showed.  She is very professional, but also, warm and encouraging and her passion for vocals is contagious. The combination leaves you feeling both inspired and motivated.  I'm really grateful for all that she does." Allegra Lamorte

"As an intermediate singer with no formal training, working with Kelly is a treat. Kelly is able to identify my strengths and weaknesses so I can fine tune my voice. She is helping me locate different tones, control my breathing, learn Balkan songs and techniques, gear me up for solos, and build confidence. She has a deep understanding of music and excellent ear, while being an absolute pleasure to work with." Lexa Walsh

"Singing lessons with Kelly have been so much fun. Kelly really knows music, and is an amazing teacher. She works diligently on the fundamentals of music and singing, while still keeping it fun and easy to understand. I was never comfortable singing on my own before, but Kelly has instilled new confidence in me. She has educated me on the basic principles and helped me actually hear the notes clearly." Laura Marquit

"Kelly is a supportive and talented teacher and I love my lessons with her. Kelly provides a space to feel confident while she encourages you to use your voice. Singing along with her is so inspiring! Taking voice lessons as a “grown up” is a wonderful thing to do for yourself." Rachel Weill

"I guess the best way to start describing working with Kelly is to say that her voice is extraordinarily amazing and heart-pausing. So there's that. Also she is insightful and has an ease in establishing rapport and honing in on a person's style and uniqueness as a launching point. Probably her seemingly perfect pitch doesn't hurt either." Gustav Helzberg